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  1. Lake Skadar Adventure Tours has been committed from the beginning to bringing a responsible, sustainable approach to tourism to Montenegro’s national parks. Our tours are high impact in experience but low impact on the environment – and also, crucially, are designed to give back to local people and wildlife.
  2. The most popular boat trips on Skadar Lake are a combination of pelican spotting and visiting medieval monasteries. Bird watching tours are also becoming increasingly popular, as Lake Skadar has the largest bird habitat in this part of Europe. The lake has an estimated species of birds, including the rare Dalmatian pelican and Pygmy Cormorant.
  3. National Park Skadar Lake & Budva Riviera tour from Tivat/Kotor - all inclusive. 2 reviews. $ per adult. More info. Quick View. Albania Day Trip from Budva and Becici, Petrovac or Bar. 4 reviews. $ per adult. More info. Quick View. Skadar Lake National Park Admission Ticket. $ per adult/5().
  4. Lake Skadar National Park is a wild wonder waiting to be explored. A vast freshwater lake straddling the borders of Albania and Montenegro and surrounded by dramatic karst mountains, its mirrored waters play host to more than species of birds, traditional fishing villages, islet monasteries and pristine beaches.
  5. Lake Skadar, a karst lake on the border of Albania and Montenegro, is the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula. Its beautiful waters, rocky shores, and wetlands play host to lots of wildlife, traditional fishing villages, islet monasteries, and pristine beaches read more.
  6. Skadar lake is a huge body of water,surrounded by high rising mountains, fed by a few rivers (some seasonal and some are year round flow). The result is a picturesque natural reserve that needs a few days to reasonably explore. First - boat tours - so many of them: just step /5().
  7. Lake Skadar National Park remains off the beaten track for most visitors to Montenegro, but if you do make it there you'll be richly rewarded. It's one of the most beautiful places in Montenegro and it's also a chance to experience authentic Montenegrin culture that you don't find in the tourist hotspots. In many ways Lake Skadar is Montenegro.
  8. Jul 25,  · Straddling Montenegro and Albania, Lake Skadar is a relaxing haven in Southern Europe for wildlife and visitors seeking to explore an area steeped in beauty and history.

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