Tetris - Various - Return To The Techno Drome (CD)

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  1. Aug 18,  · Tetris for the Philips CD-i is mostly like any other Tetris game out there, except with pretty limited options, nature-themed level backdrops (which change along with your speed as you clear more.
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  3. Description Tetris for the CD-i is a conversion of the classic puzzle game. Geometric shapes fall from the top of a playfield to rest on the bottom; fit the pieces together, and the line they form disappears. If the pieces don't form lines and eventually .
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  5. Note that TGM3 is a native Windows program, so it only runs properly on computers with AMD graphics cards (what the original arcade game has). TGM3 runs on Taito Type X hardware, which uses ATI Radeon cards, not AMD.. I've gotten TGM3 to work on computers with other graphics cards, and even in a virtual machine.
  6. Dec 25,  · The four options, in order: GAME MODE – selects from the various game modes (normal, puzzle, 1P vs. 2P, 1P vs. COM, etc.), as well as basically every other screen in the game, including high scores, win/loss screens, and the debug menu itself. Use Left/Right to select the screen of your choice (provided you have the ability to read Japanese), then press Start to .
  7. In the future, year 30XX, mankind has finally reached the ability to travel at light speed using block-like spaceships called Tetroids. Deep in the universe lies the question to human existence-- could the Tetroids be the answer?

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