The Broomstick Jump

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  1. Jumping the broom is a traditional act performed at some Black weddings. After vows are exchanged, the newlyweds hold hands and jump over a broom to seal the union. The broom has different meanings.
  2. Wedding Ceremony Ideas. The ceremony is the moment your marriage becomes official. Get all the ceremony ideas, including writing your own vows, ceremony décor ideas, and traditions to keep and toss.
  3. Come a little baby let's jump the broomstick come and let's tie the knot. Goin' to Alabama back from Texarkana goin' all around the world. I'm goin' to Alabama back from Texarkana goin' all around the world. My father don't like it Come a little baby I don't a mean maybe let's settle down.
  4. Jan 10, - Explore Munaluchi Bride Magazine's board "jumping the Broom", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Jumping the broom, Munaluchi bride, Wedding pins.
  5. Aug 03,  · Club Interview with Jumping the Broom Exec DeVon Franklin - Duration: ProducedByFaith 20, views. Time with Father Ep. 55 - Be SAINTS: Every Life a Mass - .
  6. This is where the broom comes into play regarding marriage. Brooms were (are) waved over the heads of marrying couples to ward off spirits. The couple would often but not always jump over the broom at the end of the ceremony. Jumping over the broom symbolized the wife's commitment or willingness to clean the courtyard of the new home she had joined.
  7. Today "Broom Jumping" is a ritual, handed down from generation to generation to remind us of a time when our vows were not legally sanctioned. During slavery, our ancestors sought the legitimacy of marriage by jumping over the broom and into the bonds of domesticity. For our ancestors, this small ritual was a legal and bonding act connecting.
  8. jump the broom, jump the broomstick verb phrase To get married, usu without benefit of clergy. This expression has a long history in southern use, often signifying a mock ceremony symbolizing marriage, esp as part of the script of a serenade or charivari.

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