Ave Satanas (1996 version) - Acheron - Anti-god, Anti-christ (CD, Album)

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  1. ACHERON «Anti God, Anti Christ» (): foefredilicdenidotsoiwaranbioti.coinfo 1: Intro () 2: Fuck The Ways Of Christ () 3: Intro ()] 4: Shemhamforash (The Ultimate Blasphemy) ().
  2. Rites of the Black Mass () Intro Number 1 To Thee We Confess Intro Number 2 Thou Art Lord Intro Number 3 Ave Satanas Intro Number 4 Summoning The Master Intro Number 5 One With Darkness Intro Number 6 Prayer of Hell Intro Number 7 Unholy Praises Intro Number 8 Cursed Nazarene Intro Number 9 The Enochian Key Intro Number 10 Let Us Depart Satanic .
  3. Release on Moribund Records (CD version) Lineup: Vincent Crowley - Vocals, Bass, and Rhythm Guitar John Scott - Keyboards Michael Estes - Lead Guitar Richard Christy - Drums Peter H. Gilmore - Intro Music (Produced by ACHERON) Anti-God, Anti-Christ Release on Merciless Records (Germany). Limited edition vinyl version Same lineup as CD .
  4. Ave Satanas ( version) bonus: Blessed by Damnation (live) bonus: total time: From Anti-God, Anti-Christ album: Hekal Tiamat: From Those Who Have Risen album: Necromanteion Communion: re-recording of original Acheron track: total time: / 10 (1 vote) No reviews yet.
  5. The CD contains 33 tracks in total, tracks 11 to 32 are empty silent tracks, 33rd track is an untitled outro. LP version released by Merciless Records featured two bonus tracks: 90%(1).
  6. Hail Satan, sometimes expressed in a Latinized version as Ave Satanas (or Ave Satana), is an expression used by some Satanists to show their dedication to Satan, but has also been used for the purpose of comedy or satire. Believers in backmasking think they can hear "Hail Satan" and other messages to Satan in some songs played in reverse, such as "Walk This Way" by .
  7. Album: ''Compendium Diablerie - The Demo Days'' ( Best of/Compilation) 1. Prayer of Hell 2. As Thou Wilt 3. Midnight Offering 4. So It Is Done 5. To Thee We Confess 6. Ave Satanas 7. To Thee We Confess 8. Thou Art Lord 9. Ave Satanas Summoning the Master One with Darkness Prayer of Hell Unholy Praises Cursed Nazarene
  8. Jul 06,  · VENOM INC's official lyric video for 'Avé Satanas' from the album 'Avé' out now! Order at foefredilicdenidotsoiwaranbioti.coinfo SUBSCRIBE to Nuclear Blast You.
  9. Ave Satanas Lyrics: Hail satan, full of might / Our allegiance is with thee / Cursed are they, the god adorers / And cursed are the worshippers of the nazarene / Ave satanas, ave satanas / .

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