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  1. Avant-garde jazz musician Sun Ra stars in the movie version of his concept album Space Is the Place. Not following a linear plot line, this experimental film is a bizarre combination of social commentary, blaxploitation, science fiction, and concert performance.
  2. At the outer space employment agency, a man walks into the door. Sun Ra sits inside the place. The man explains his credentials to Sun Ra, and says that he's afraid of his family getting forced onto the street or onto welfare. Sun Ra gives him a speech about .
  3. Space Is the Place Space Is the Place. I recently returned to dingy England after a road trip in America, where, as usual, I failed to take any photographs. By Geoff Dyer.
  4. Oct 06,  · The militarization of space is governed, in theory, by the Outer Space Treaty, created in by the United States, Russia and Britain, and signed subsequently by another countries. Fifty years on, the treaty is hopelessly outdated. It governs the peaceful exploration of space and bans the placing of nuclear weapons there.
  5. Dec 01,  · Space Is the Place has more than a few hokey moments, but it also illuminates Ra's work. For him, outer space wasn't just a gimmick or a convenient source 71%.
  6. Space Is The Place is a film, directed by Joshua Smith, and centers around cult jazz musician Sun Ra.. Sun Ra is being reported lost since his European tour. He lands on a new planet in outer space with his band, the Arkestra, and decides to settle Afro-Americans there. He travels back in time to , when he was a pianist under the name of "Sonny Ray".
  7. “John Szwed's excellent biography Space is the Place traces the in-depth study that lay behind Ra's fascination with Ancient Egypt, etymology and space, while making a case for the idea that Ra's Afrocentric cosmology not only reflected the tumult of the s and s, but transcended it.” — Mike Hobart, Financial TimesAuthor: John Szwed.
  8. Space Is the Place provides an excellent introduction to Sun Ra 's vast and free-form jazz catalog/

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